Before Your Arrival - Resident Visa & ARC

Resident Visa

We recommend you to apply for a Resident Visa, so that you can apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). Even if you are from a visa free country, you shall apply for Resident Visa in advance as well. 

  • Required Documents
    • Visa application form, which can be downloaded from the Bureau of Consular Affairs : www. > Visa > Resident Visas > RESIDENT VISAS FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS
    • two 2x2-inch photographs taken in the last six months’ (attached to the application form)
    • Original passport with blank pages and at least six months' validity and one photocopy
    • Health Certificate for Residence Application and one photocopy
    • Admission Notice from NTU and one photocopy
    • Highest education diploma and transcripts. For diplomas and transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English, a Chinese- or English-translation version is also required.
    • Original and one photocopy of proof of financial support.
    • Supporting application documents such as official letters of approval from a competent authority of Taiwan

  • Application Fee
    Please refer to "Standard Fees for Republic of China (Taiwan) Visas in Foreign Passports." (www. > Visa > Visa Fee )

  • Key Points
    International students can only change to a Resident Visa from a Visitor Visa if the purpose of their Visitor Visa is “Pursuing Studies in Taiwan.” If your Visa has a purpose other than this (including Visa free passports), you will be required to change your visa type by applying for a new visa in another country or applying for an extension.

  • Although it is rare, you may only be issued a Visitor Visa in your home country. If you arrive in Taiwan with a Visitor Visa for the purpose of pursuing studies, you will first need to change your Visitor Visa to a Resident Visa 7 days before the Visitor Visa expires.
    • Where: Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Required Application Documents
      • A completed visa application form
      • A passport valid for at least six months with ample space for stamps and a photocopy of it
      • Two 2x2-inch head & shoulder photographs in color (taken within the past six months).
      • The original copy of your Letter of Acceptance and a certificate of enrollment issued by the University (e.g. a photocopy of both sides of your NTU student ID card)
      • A photocopy of your entry visa with the annotation “FS” (e.g. “Foreign Student”) • A health certificate issued within the last three months from a designated hospital: > Health topics > Alien Workers Health > The List of Hospitals Allowed to Execute Health Examination for Alien Workers in Taiwan Area
      • Highest education diploma and transcripts. For diplomas and transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English, a Chinese- or English-translation version is also required.
      • Other required application documents such as proof of financial support
      • Payment of TWD 800 (USD 24) for multiple entries. An additional handling charge of TWD 800 will apply to applications made in the ROC (Taiwan) by Visitor Visa holders applying for change of visitor status

  • For more details, please contact the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Address: 3rd through 5th floors, No 2-2, Sec 1, Jib Nan Rd, Taipei
    Tel: 02 2343 2888
    Visa Inquiry Number: 02 2343 2885; 02 2343 2895
    Office hour: Monday to Friday, 8.30 am-5pm

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

The Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) is an ID card that proves your resident status in Taiwan. It is important, so please take good care of it and pay attention to its expiration date. Resident Visa holders are required to apply for an ARC within 15 days after arrival.

  • Required Documents
    • Completed application form that can be downloaded from the National Immigration Agency's website: > Application Forms > MULTIPLE-PURPOSE APPLICATION FORM FOR FOREIGNERS
    • Alien Resident Certificate (except for first-time applicants)
    • One 2x2-inch head and shoulder photograph in color with a white background (one photograph for first-time applicants; one photograph for ARC extension applicants)
    • Original passport and Resident Visa with a photocopy of each
    • Certificate of enrollment issued by the University and one photocopy of it

  • Processing time
    10 working days

  •  Application Procedure
    When applying for an ARC, please prepare the required application documents and go to your local Ministry of Interior National Immigration Agency branch. The process can be done in person or by an agent with a certificate of entrustment signed by the applicant. However, firsttime applicants should apply in person.

  • Payment
    TWD 1,000 (Valid for one year), TWD 2,000 (Valid for two years), TWD 3,000 (Valid for three years).

  • Notes
    If Alien Resident Certificate holders need to leave and Re-enter ROC within the valid period of their ARC, they should apply for re-entry permits while applying for the ARC.

  • Notes for ARC Extension
    • International students have to apply for ARC extension one month prior to the expiry date. If the ARC expires during the summer vacation (from July to September), students are allowed to apply for extension from the 1st of June.
    •  For over-staying foreigners who did not apply for ARC extension, their residence will be ceased by the authorized agency, and they may be expelled from Taiwan.
    • Graduates seeking employment in Taiwan are required to provide a graduation certificate to extend their period of stay. The maximum extension is six months, starting from the month of graduation. If students have postponed their graduation, they are required to provide documentation to keep or extend their ARC. Students will be granted a maximum extension of one year, according to their academic situation.
    • ARC extension application form is the same as the ARC application form

  • For more details, please contact the National Immigration Agency
    Address: No 15, Guangzhou St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
    Business Hours: Taipei Office: Monday to Friday 8am– 5pm
    Tel: 02 2388 9393
    Foreigners in Taiwan 24-hour toll free service: 0800 024 111 (English, Japanese, and Mandarin services available)