After Your Arrival - Health Exam & Insurance

Health Exam

Freshmen are required to complete the NTU Health Exam as part of the registration procedure and submit the Health Check Exam Form during Registration Day. Please refer to > Study at NTU > Degree Students > New Degree Students > Health Exam, for more information.



  • General Student Insurance 
    • During registration, you will be insured under the general student insurance which is compulsory for degree students.
    • General student insurance includes psychiatric treatment. One can claim up to TWD 1,450 per month.
    • In case of a fetal accident off campus which registered on the security guard webpage, up to TWD 2 million can be claimed.

  • Group Medical Insurance
    • International students are obligated to enroll in medical insurance. If you prefer private insurance, please verify your purchased medical insurance. Otherwise, we will enroll you into a Group Medical Insurance for a fee of TWD 500 each month before joining NHI.
    • The Group Medical Insurance fee is a one-time and non-refundable payment included in the tuition fee every semester before joining the NHI.
    • If you need to receive medical treatment, please check the conditions to make sure that your medical treatment is included in this insurance and follow the procedures below:
      •  Go to a hospital or clinic near you for treatment. We recommend NTU students to go to the NTU Health Center as it is on campus and is easily accessible.
      • Ask for a certificate of your diagnosis.
      • Pay the full fee for the treatment and get both the payment receipt and the certificate of diagnosis.
    • For applying for the compensation, you need to bring the following documents to the OIA so that we can help you submit them to the insurance company:
      • The original payment receipts
      • The original certificate with your diagnosis
      • Photocopy of your Post Bank passbook cover
      • Application Form for Compensation
      • Passport photocopy
      • ARC photocopy
    • For the same symptoms, the insurance company covers only one visit per day. The maximum coverage per visit is TWD 1,000, but does NOT include the hospital or clinic registration fee.
    •  Insurance Coverage
      •  Outpatient/Clinic
        • Physicians and specialists' consultations, medical treatment and surgery
        • Prescribed medicines and injection
        • Diagnostic laboratory tests and surgical appliances
      • Hospitalization
        • Physicians and specialists' consultations, medical treatment and surgery
        • Prescribed medicines and injection
        • Diagnostic laboratory tests and surgical appliances
        • Basic room and board including general nursing care
        • Policy Coverage:
          Insurance covers accidents or sickness occurring in the Taiwan. Accidents or sicknesses that require specialized medical care or that have occurred before enrolling in the insurance scheme. 
      • This policy does NOT cover medical treatment incurred by the following situation or personal behavior:
        • Suicidal behavior, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, overdose, any sickness or damage resulting from illegal behavior or warfare
        • Complication incurred by vibriosis, pregnancy, miscarriage or labor
        • Health exams, optical correction, inoculation, elective cosmetic surgery, dental scaling, denture, prosthesis, ocular prosthesis
        • Ambulance, diagnosis statement, the fee for assigning doctors, special nursing, any costs not relevant to the treatment
        • Systemic lupus erythematosus, Hemophilia, Hyperhidrosis, AIDS-Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, sexually transmitted disease, congenital disorder, vasectomy, organ transplant, and any disease diagnosed before enrolling in the insurance scheme
        • Hospitalized patients with dental therapies, medical care, and rehabilitation

  • National Health Insurance
    According to the National Health Insurance Act, any foreigner staying in Taiwan with an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) over six months is obligated to enroll in this insurance program.
    *Six month: A person staying in Taiwan for full 6 months prescribed in subparagraph 1 of Article 9 of the Act refers to a person who has, after receiving an ARC, stayed in Taiwan for six consecutive months, or  exited Taiwan ONCE for less than 30 days within the actual period of stay, y, amounting to six months after the number of days that he or she has been away from Taiwan is deducted.

    • Process of Payment
      The cost of National Health Insurance (NHI) is included in the tuition fee every semester. The cost is TWD 749 each month (according to the fee criteria set by NHI).
    • Guide to enroll in the NHI through NTU
      • For newly arrived students who have NOT been in Taiwan for six months continuously:
        After staying in Taiwan for six months continuously, please follow the procedure outlined in Situation Two to underwrite the NHI policy.
      • For students who have been in Taiwan for six months continuously:
        Please pick up an insurance payment form at the OIA, pay at the Cashier Office, and then hand in your receipt, passport, ARC, one two-inch photograph and the NHI IC card application form at the OIA to apply for the NHI IC card. (You may download the application form from www. > International Students > Degree Students > Insurances > Guide of Insuring in NTU > NHI IC card application form)
      •  Students who are enrolled in an insurance scheme provided by a different school or association but who want to transfer to NTU’s insurance scheme:
        Please ask your previous agency (language school, company, or municipal administration, etc.) for an insurance policy closure document. You need to bring the document to the OIA to receive a payment form. After paying at the Cashier Office, please bring the receipt to the OIA, which will then transfer your NHI sponsor to NTU.
    • NHI Transfer from NTU (leave of absence, withdrawal, graduation, transfer, or employment) please come to the OIA to complete the NHI program termination procedure.
    • Renewal of NHI IC Card
      If you lose or damage your NHI IC card and need a new one, please go to the post office or the Bureau of National Health Insurance to submit the application form and pay TWD 200 for reapplying.
    • For more details, please refer to The Bureau of National Health Insurance
      Address: 5th through 9th Floor, No 15-1, Gong Yuan Rd, Taipei 
      Tel: 02 2191 2006; 0800 030 598
      Office Hour: Monday to Friday, 8.30am-12.30pm; 1.30pm-5.30pm