ASPPH Friday Letter
Taiwan: Socioeconomic Status and Deaths Due to Unintentional Injury Among Children: A Socio-spatial Analysis in Taiwan

Unintentional injury is a major cause of death in children. The World Health Organization (WHO) accounts more than 3 million deaths due to unintentional injury in 2015 with nearly 20 percent of them in children under the age of 15. Children living in deprived socio-economic area have been shown to have high mortality due to unintentional injury. Dr. Duan-Rung Chen, professor, and the director of the Institute of Health Behaviors and Community Sciences, and his student Dr. An-Kuo Chou demonstrated the strong association between multiple socio-economic disadvantages and unintentional death among children while controlling for spatial autocorrelation. This study had been published in the Geospatial Health. Read more