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Matsu two-day conference (August 23-24, 2019)

Matsu, a beautiful and historically meaningful island, is one of the three main remote islands of Taiwan.


During the two-day conference (August 23-24), our  students and Population Health Research Center (PHRC) research members set foot on this island to unveil the Symposium on Community-based Health in Matsu, which was co-organized by its Bureau of Health and Welfare. PHRC professors and Postdoctoral researchers presented on a wide range of topics related to public health issues, such as “Matsu Islands Gastric Cancer Prevention Program: What Have We Learned?”, “Personalized Cancer Prevention Strategy: A Community-based Study”, “Personalized Non-communicable Disease Prevention Strategy: A Community-based Study”.Students were exposed to a wide range of public health issues of Taiwan.


Besides work, our students also embarked on a cultural tour to visit the Beihai Tunnel, Shengli (Victory) Tunnel, Museum of blue tear, and Magang Mazu Temple.


The summer compulsory courses is about to end, we believe every MGH student had a very fulfilling August. Take a breath, then be fully equipped, let’s face the next phase together!