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Field Trip and Final Presentation in Japan-Sustainable Health and Environment (SHE) Course

Chemiless Town is a model town constructed under fewer chemicals hosted by Center of Preventive Medical Science, Chiba University, Japan. It is an idea place for SHE students to learn how to build and create a sustainable and healthier living environment. Students visited Chemiless houses in Kashiwa-no-ha Campus on November 26, and learned about the objectives and outcomes of this project from Prof. Nakaoka Hiroko.


SHE is a tele-conference joint course enrolled students from National Taiwan University (NTU), Seoul National University (SNU), and Yokohama National University (YNU). This semester, we have students from 12 different countries which makes the cross-country group project very interactive and informative. NTU students visited YNU on November 27 to do the final group presentation on topics including waste management and energy consumption, food and water intake, and transportation mode and air pollution. In the afternoon, Prof. Satoshi Nakai from YNU brought NTU students to visit the National Institute of Health Sciences in Kawasaki, a testing and research institution toward the proper evaluation of the quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceutical products, foods, water, and the numerous chemicals in the living environment. Dr. Norihiro Kobayashi from the Division of Environmental Chemistry gave us a brief introduction about developing standard analytic methods for detecting chemicals in drinking water in Japan, and also took us to visit the laboratory.




Figure 1. Group photo in front of Kashiwa-no-ha Campus, Chiba University.




Figure 2. Students visited laboratory house in Chemiless Town. The left of the first row is Prof. Nakaoka Hiroko from Center of Preventive Medical Science, Chiba University.




Figure 3. Students presented at Yokohama National University.





Figure 4. Group photo of SHE students from NTU and YNU. The one on the far left is Prof. Satoshi Nakai, one of the instructor of SHE class.



Figure 5. NTU students visited National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS).


Figure 6. Students visited drinking water laboratory in NIHS.




Figure 7. Group photo with Dr. Norihiro Kobayashi (the far right) who guided NIHS to us.